Interesting Information You Need To Know About How To Measure Screen Door?

How To Measure Screen Door

Screen doors are an excellent method of letting in fresh air and light. Comparing the size of an entrance door with that of a screen door is different. Screen doors are commonly attached to the outside trim of a door and stop against its jamb. As you measure to make a screen door, take measures from the frame (the pieces around the sides and top covering the edges). Brick molding is what it’s called.

Screen door tool requirements

A decent measuring tape at least 8 feet long and does not stick will allow you to quickly measure a conventional doorway for a screen door. You should be able to complete the job fast and efficiently using a pen and paper and a flat-head and Phillips screwdriver to manage any stray hardware.

How to measure for a new screen door?

Start at the inside trim edge to measure door width and work your way across the door to the other sides inside the little edge. If the width measurement values differ, maintain the longest width measurement on your document. Begin measuring the door height on the left side of the aperture. Place the point of the tape measure at the inner edge of the top trim.

 Place a tape measure at the bottom of the door aperture and extend it to the bottom of the door sill. You may need to measure until you reach the lowest point when measuring door sills. It would be best if you also consider your height. It is also essential to measure the opening from the right side.

Replacement Screen Door

After you’ve measured the door frame, you may replace the current screen and modify the fit, or you can buy a new one. If your screen door has gaps or shattered metal or plastic components, a new one may fit more firmly against the door frame and keep mice or flying pests out.Standard screen door sizes are available at most big-box shops.

 These measurements allow for some fluctuation in the approximate opening of the measured door frame. For example, a screen door labeled 34 inches can fit frames measuring 33.875 inches and 34.375 inches on average. Height measurements may also vary by a few inches. Generally, then, a door that is 81 inches will fit into a door frame that is an inch smaller.

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1st Step:

The first three measurements will be the width from the top to the inner edge of Trim A (red) to the inner edge of Trim B (yellow). Please make a note of your measurement and label it as Measurement 1. Repeat the procedure for the center and bottom of your door as accurately as possible. Measurement 2 is in the center, and Measurement 3 is at the bottom. Use the largest of the three measurements if they disagree. This is the breadth of your natural body.

2nd Step: 

You are now going to measure the height of your door. Starting on the left side, measure the distance between the inside edge of Trim C (blue) and the top edge of Door Sill (green), where the screen door and sill should meet. Try to be as precise as possible. Measurement 4 should be the left side measurement. Rep the procedure on the opposite side. Measurement 5 should be the right-side measurement. If the two measures differ, go with the taller of the two.

The precision of your measurements is essential, but we want you to know that all of our doors include a trimming tolerance to allow for mistakes.It is always possible to cut your new wooden screen door down on-site to ensure that it fits precisely.


We also urge that you measure the depth of your trim as a precaution. Your rim must be at least 1″ thick to install one of our screen doors and accessories. If your frame does not match this standard, we recommend seeing a local carpenter before ordering to make the required changes.

STEP 4: 

You’re all set to make your order! The images below illustrate how to order a Nature Collection Premium Series Three Trees screen door. Width is the first choice. Select the width measurement from the menu that corresponds to your total width. It’s okay if you don’t see your precise size! By rounding up, choose the closest number to your total width. Select 32″ from the list if your exact width is 31-1/2″. Repeat with your measurements for the Desired Height, selecting the one closest to your actual height. Oversize doors 85″ and higher will cost an extra $100.


A screen door invites mild breezes into your home while keeping annoying insects out on spring and summer evenings. When it comes time to replace your door, it’s critical to get the dimensions perfect so you can choose the right size for your property.

 Measuring a screen door entails accurate height and breadth, including knowing where to lay your measuring tape on the door. Once you get the numbers, you need to slightly alter them to account for the clearance between the door and the frame to guarantee a precise fit. This is the handle’s height.