A Comprehensive Guide About Robie Uniacke, Including- Robie Uniacke net worth, Spouse Biography, Net Worth Age, Children, And More

robie uniacke net worth

Robie Uniacke is one of the highest-rated celebrities who made it into the spotlight due to their associates. But, he is also an accomplished businessman. However, the reality is that he became famous everywhere due to his romantic relationship and friendship with Rosamund Pike. Robie Uniacke’s net worth is also excellent. He earns through his career.

Robie’s story is full of unique details as an adventure. I’m sure you’re searching for it. Therefore, without further delay, start his biography and learn all you can about Robie Uniacke and his connection and friendship with Rosamund Pike. 

Information about Robie Uniacke?

A well-known mathematician and entrepreneur, Robert Uniacke, was born in Wisconsin. As Rosamund Pike’s husband, he is a household name worldwide.Even though he had been married to two women before. However, his addiction to drugs became the main reason behind the destruction of his two marriages.

Robie is currently clean of any drugs and lives a charming lifestyle with Rosamund Pike. Check out what happened and where it is headed.

Early life

The United Kingdom was the birthplace of Robert Uniacke, born in 1961. Mother Jennifer Sally Cunningham and father, Robie David Corbett Uniacke. He is a Caucasian citizen with British citizenship.

 He has been an avid student of mathematics from his early years. His early years were easy and away from the attention of the media.

Robie Uniacke career

We have the knowledge that Robie has been fascinated by Mathematics since his early years. This inspired him to become a professional math researcher.

His innovative ideas and logical thinking allowed him to be a massive success during his time of activity. Robie was dependent on drugs and later made the most costly mistake.

He had to break up both of his marriages because of his drug addiction

After founding an IT company in 2010, Robie, Pale Fire Ltd., gained traction internationally. Things were going well until financial problems occurred in 2018 for the company.

In May of 2018, “Dailymilk UK” reported that Robie Uniacke was removed as director of the company following his admission to numerous violations during the probe into the fallout of his company.

According to reports, he did not pay taxes of PS179,602 to HMRC. According to the liquidators’ report, the account of the dissolved company was drained by PS133,000.

He was not carrying other sources of income or assets but an offer of PS25,000 for the final and complete settlement of the account overdrawn by a third party.

Interestingly, Robie admitted that he had not made payments to HMRC from July 2012 onwards, though having earned PS260,508 during the following years.

In addition, he stated that he spent PS144,060 of the money for personal use, PS10 514 on mobiles, and PS25154 on other bank and payment charges.

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Robie Unacke’s wife’s marriage and relationships

Robie Uniacke is a man who has been married since the time he saved his marriage. The Earl of Carlisle’s granddaughter, Emma Howard, was married to him in 1983.

In the following years, the couple was also blessed with a baby who was a son was named Robie Jonjo Uniacke.

Unfortunately, Robie and Emma failed to salvage their happy married life. In a short amount duration, the couple was required to be treated for an addiction to heroin.

The couple had three children named Hector, Olive, and Florence Uniacke.

In the end, the couple ended their relationship.

Robie Uniacke Rosamund Pike

According to sources, Robie Uniacke started dating actress Rosamund Pike towards the end of 2009. However, she was in several relationships, such as Joe Wright and Simon Woods.

But this time, she’s experiencing something completely different with Robie, so their bond becomes more robust. She describes the man as “the fascinating person I’ve ever met” in her own words.

Robie Uniacke and Rosamund Pike have been in a relationship for more than a decade and are blessed by two boys.

Robie Uniacke and Rosamund Pike had a string of failed romances before they met. Although Uniacke is 18 years older than Pike, twice divorced, and the father of four children from previous marriages, these traits and their incredible chemistry make him the ideal match for Pike.

The first child was born on the 6th of May 2012 and was named Solo Uniacke. Their 2nd son was born on the 2nd of December 2014 and was named Atom Uniacke.

They’re not eager to be married because Rosamund said after her son’s birth that she thought it might be fun to defy the rules and have children without being married.

Robie is a two-time married woman. Despite her marriage status, she’s photographed wearing T-shirts with statements such as “marriage can be gay.”

Robie Uniacke net worth

Robie Uniacke’s estimated net worth of 5 million dollars. He has a variety of sources for making his wealth grow more. Yet, Robie Uniacke mainly earns through his business.

He is a mathematician who has a degree, and therefore, he can earn money. Other than that, Robie can earn through ads and promotions for brands.

Final words

He is a famous actor, so he is gaining a lot of attention. Robie was born and was raised in Windsor and then completed his studies at Eton College.

Robie’s company was in financial trouble at one time. But, he couldn’t come back to fight for his life. I hope that you loved reading about Robie Uniacke’s net worth. He inspired me, the reader, to do so.