A Complete Guide About How To Make A Librarian Villager In Minecraft?

how to make a librarian villager

One of the top professions for a villager to look for is librarians in Minecraft. They’ll give you access to books with magical effects or bookcases. They also buy paper for the price of emeralds. A good library inventory provides you with indefinite quantities of emeralds since the piece is easily made. Additionally, you will access highly effective enchantments from librarians’ villagers. This guide will help you understand how to make a librarian villager and what trades you can expect through the Minecraft Librarian trade.

How to make a librarian villager in Minecraft?

The first step is to find an individual villager. It is possible to do this using the options of Getting a village by treating the zombie villager. While it is more dependent on chance and the speed at which you move, the process of curing a zombie villager is more complicated.

How to cure zombie to make an ordinary villager?

You can cure zombies to make them normal villagers with a golden apple. And afterward, changed his Jobsite to a librarian villager. After the whole process, you get a librarian villager. The entire process of curing a zombie into an average villager has many steps, which are:

  • Splash a zombie with an infusion of weakness.
  • Give zombie a golden apple.

After doing so, a zombie changes into an ordinary villager. Now we will learn how to get a golden apple.

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Infusion for weakness

To make the splash of infusion of weakness, you’ll require:

  • A making stand
  • Blaze powder
  • A water bottle
  • A fermentation-ready spider eye

Process of making an infusion of weakness

  • The spider eye fermented on a brewing stand and an empty water bottle creates the potion of weakness. This is among the few remedies that do not require making an awkward potion before making.
  • After your weak potions are finished making, you can transform them into a weak splash using gunpowder. This will enable you to destroy the zombie villager using the weakness effect.

To create a fermented spider eye, you’ll need:

  • Sugar
  • Brown mushrooms
  • A spider eye

From these items, you can eventually get a fermented spider eye.

Making golden apple

You can find apples through the game to heal zombies to make average villager. You can create a golden apple using the regular apple as wreaking the oak tree leaves. You can also find gold ingots, either underground or making them with gold nuggets. Finally, you have to find an undead zombie when you get everything to make a zombie into an ordinary villager. And make him into an average villager.

Process of curing a zombie villager

The only thing left to do is find an undead villager. You can find zombies in the game.

  • Once you’ve found a zombie villager, lead him to another location.
  • You can confine zombies for transportation purposes. 
  • Splash poison of weakness at it and give the villager in the zombie’s midst a golden apple even though it is experiencing the weakness effect. 
  • The curing process can take 3 to 5 minutes, and you will be able to hear a thunderbolt sound when executed correctly.
  • It is easy to tell if a zombie villager suffers from vulnerability by the red swirls around the creature. It should change into an ordinary villager when you give it the golden apple and let it rest for about 3-5 minutes.
  • After treating the villager, you can change his profession to a librarian by putting lecterns near. Please don’t engage in trades with the local unless you want him to change his job. After trading with the villager, your profession remains locked even if you break the Jobsite block. Ensure that no other job site blocks are located near to make the trade more efficient. If they choose one close to a Jobsite block, you’ll need to break the league they’re assigned to and then place an e-lectern nearby for the librarian to be there.
  • His trades are discounted since the man is happy for having cured him of Zombification. Although this requires more effort than just finding a village, it comes with the advantages of discount trades, picking the villager’s address, and getting rid of having hundreds of Jobsite blocks scattered throughout.
  • Another aspect to consider when using the zombie villager technique is to include certain traits to ensure that the villager can change their job. The first step is to make sure they aren’t an idiot (check their clothing, and if they’re green, it is time to start from scratch). After that, they’ll require a bed close-by bed, and then they will need their block of the worksite to choose a career.
  • Of course, you’ll have to find a village. It is more convenient than changing to a zombie villager. It is necessary to endure the annoyance of their scurrying around and make sure that they choose the right job block for the site. They’ll also only sell for the total amount or more if you’re new to the area.

Are villagers of librarians good?

Some of the greatest creatures in Minecraft are the librarian’s villagers. They are one of the numerous skilled villagers who spawn spontaneously in villages. Due of their excellent trades, most players choose to have them over any other villager.

How is a villager librarian trained?

1. To instruct one librarian, you will still need: One Villager: You can’t employ librarians who have received training.

2. Here and the Book & Quill in the Hotbar to utilize it.

3. Without including the level, type the necessary enchantment name and choose the “Sign & Close” button.

Advantages of Librarian Villager in Minecraft

  1. Trading Opportunities: Librarian villagers offer a variety of items for trade, including books, paper, and enchanting materials. Players can use emeralds to purchase these items and improve their in-game experience.
  2. Access to Information: Librarian villagers provide players with valuable information about the game world, including maps and clues about hidden treasures.
  3. Versatility: Librarian villagers can be found in many different biomes, making them accessible to players no matter where they are in the game world.
  4. Passive Mob: Librarian villagers are passive mobs, meaning they will not attack the player and can be safely approached.

Disadvantages of Librarian Villager in Minecraft

  1. Limited Inventory: Librarian villagers have a limited inventory and may not always have the items players need.
  2. Price: Some of the items offered by Librarian villagers can be expensive, requiring players to spend a lot of emeralds to acquire them.
  3. Infrequent Trades: Librarian villagers may not offer new trades for extended periods of time, forcing players to seek out other sources for items.
  4. Vulnerability: Librarian villagers can be attacked and killed by zombies and other hostile mobs, which can be a disadvantage for players who rely on their trades.


You now know how to use the trade opportunity offered by a librarian to your advantage. Librarians villager among the most desirable professions for your villager friends as they can provide enchantments that can take days or even hours for grinding to acquire. 

There are numerous possibilities of enchantments in Minecraft. The ability to have an unending supply of magic that you want can assist you through every stage in the gameplay. Although the process may cause frustration, there is a way to roll the dice using tables for enchantment or fishing. Being aware of the specifics of librarianship will help you save hours.