Mastering Rummy: Game of Luck and Skills 


Rummy is one of the most popular card games played in India. It is based on the technique of matching cards of the same rank or same sequence. Building melds is a major goal of playing and winning rummy. Melds is a set of matching three to four cards that helps players gain some points which can be either sets or runs. 

Sets are basically three or four playing cards of the same rank and a run is three or more cards in sequence of the same suit. While playing Rummy either you have to go first or assemble more cards than the opposition. 


Rummy originated and first played in Mexico in the nineteenth century. History also states that it was first played in Asia in the year 1891. It was the result of a Mahjongg variant Kun P’ai. 

Later it gained a good amount of popularity in the United States and was developed and modified with time. 


There are some of the basic terms that players need to know while playing Rummy. 


A certain number of cards out of a deck, that is, 52 cards need to be placed for dealing. It depends on the number of players. The card which is not dealt is known as Stock and is placed face down. If you are playing Indian Rummy you need to place 13 cards for dealing. 


Players take turns to add and shed their cards according to the game variation. Out of numerous ways, the usual one is to take a card from the stock and discard one in the discard pile. 


After the process of melding their cards, players need to show their entire hand of the deck they have for validation. Showing is basically the process of submitting the cards. 


When players add up points in their melded cards, it is referred to as Scoring. It is the final step which concludes the entire game. 

Rummy Points Table

The table below shows the points that each card in the game of Rummy carries. 

Cards Points
J (Jack) 10 Points
Q (Queen) 10 Points
K (King) 10 Points
A (Ace) 10 Points
Joker 0 Points
All numbered cards Same as Face Value

Rules of playing Rummy 

  1.   A group of 2 to 8 people is required to play the game.
  2.   The face cards have assigned points but the Ace cards have varying values in different versions. 
  3.   Face cards, that is, King, Queen, and Jack have a value of 10 points.
  4.   Numbered cards have the same value as the face value. 
  5.   The player who declares their Melds first with zero penalty points is considered to be a winner. 

Introducing- Online Rummy 

The type of Rummy that needs to be played on a computer device or a smart device with a stable internet connection is referred to as Online Rummy. 

Players are given a set of time limits to perform their moves and carry the game forward. A favourable amount of cash prize is offered to the players in various tournaments. 

Why choose online Rummy?

Here are some reasons to play the Rummy game Online:

Play anytime anywhere- Online Rummy offers you the flexibility to play anytime by avoiding the problems of meeting or gathering physically at a place. 

Fair and simple gameplay- Players can enjoy and learn playing rummy with a free and fair mind without being cheated or cheating other players.

Similar skill playing- You can play with people of similar skill sets or levels as you without getting an inferiority complex. Meanwhile, your skill score will be improved as you keep up with the game.

Easy to carry-

Online Rummy is a portable game that you can access anywhere just a few screen taps away. 

Wrapping up!

Rummy in recent days has resulted in the growth of different variations. It is the game of strategy, memory, and card tactics which is responsible for its increasing interest in almost every age group.