Everything You Need to Know About Cost Of Living In Manchester

Manchester cost of living

About Manchester, UK

Manchester is one of the famous metropolitan cities of England. With a geographical area of 115.6 km², this city is found in northwest England. The city has a population of over two million people, making it the third-most populous city in the United Kingdom. In the era of the Industrial Revolution, Manchester City remained a significant center for the textile industry.

In 2019, its airport was ranked as ‘the best North American airport’, and International Airport in Europe. Today, Manchester is a major cultural center, with numerous museums and theaters, as well as a lively music scene. Football teams in the Premier League like Manchester City and Manchester United are well-known. Apart from these two teams, this city has variety of other sports teams which are altogether called the city’s home teams.

Despite its large size, Manchester is easy to navigate, and its residents are known for their friendly nature. The perfect vacation spot for travelers from all over the world is Manchester. It’s the UK’s second largest city after London.

For an expat living in Manchester, UK, this article will serve as a detailed guideline for the price and expenditures of rent, utility bills, and food.

Lifestyle In Manchester

Everything You Need to Know About Cost Of Living In Manchester

Manchester is a diverse and vibrant city with a strong business community and a great quality of life. The city is home to a diverse population of people from all walks of life, and this diversity is one of the things that makes Manchester such a great place to live. The weather in Manchester is also very good, and the city enjoys a mild climate all year round.

This thing, combined with the low cost of living and the abundance of things to do, makes Manchester an ideal place to live for people from all walks of life. There are many different lifestyle options available in Manchester, and the city has something to offer everyone. Manchester has it all, whether you’re seeking for a glamorous lifestyle in the city center or a more relaxed living in the surrounds.

Manchester is a city known for its lively and diverse culture. Manchester has something for everyone, from its bustling nightlife to its splendid music scene. The city also has a thriving food and drink culture, as well as a number of well-known museums and galleries. With its convenient location and wide range of activities, it’s no wonder Manchester is one of the most popular cities in the UK.

Education in Manchester, UK

Manchester is home to one of the UK’s most renowned educational centers, with high-performing colleges, universities, and programs that attract students from all over the world. There are many excellent primary and secondary schools in Manchester.

The city’s high schools offer a broad range of curriculum options, and many of its colleges and universities offer scholarships and grants to help students pay for their education. Manchester is also home to a number of prestigious programs, including the Manchester Medical School, the Manchester Business School, and the Manchester Law School.

As a result, education in Manchester provides an excellent foundation for success in any field. With a great track record of academic success, Manchester Grammar School is one of the city’s most elite schools. For those looking for a more affordable option, there are a number of high-performing state schools, such as Stratford Grammar School and Sale Grammar School. There are also a number of private schools, such as Manchester High School for Girls and The Manchester Academy. In addition to traditional academic subjects, many of these schools offer a wide range of extracurricular activities, from drama and music to sports and debating.

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Rents for living in Manchester, UK

Everything You Need to Know About Cost Of Living In Manchester

Manchester is a thriving metropolis with plenty to offer its citizens. Apartments in Manchester range from studio apartments to large three-bedroom apartments. The average rent for a studio apartment in Manchester is around £737 per month, while the average rent for a three-bedroom apartment is £1,397 per month.

While rents in Manchester are relatively high, they are still cheaper than rents in London. For instance, the average monthly rent for a three-bedroom flat in London is between £1,600 and £1,900, which is greater than the average price for a studio apartment in comparable cities. As a result, Manchester is an attractive option for renters looking for an affordable city with plenty to do. Below is the renting list of different apartments:

  • The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in city center – 941.76 £
  • The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment outside city center –  662.89 £
  • The average rent for a three-bedroom apartment in city center – 1,744.44 £  

Transportation and utility costs in Manchester

The cost of transportation and utilities in Manchester, UK can be quite high. The average monthly cost of transportation in Manchester includes the cost of public transport, fuel, and car insurance. The average monthly cost of utilities is GBP 150, which includes the cost of gas, electricity, water, and sewer. While the cost of living in Manchester is high, there are a number of ways to save money on transportation and utilities. Many individuals in Manchester, for example, take public transportation instead of driving. This can significantly reduce your gasoline and motor insurance costs. Many people in Manchester also utilize solar energy to heat their homes. By doing this, you may cut your gas and energy costs by up to 50%. Finally, residents of Manchester can take advantage of a number of discounts. Utility companies reward and incentivize their customers who pay bills on time with benefits and incentives. People who take public transportation instead of driving might even get a variety of discounts. As a result, it is possible to save a significant amount of money on transportation and utilities in Manchester. The prices of different utility and transport items are as follows;

  • Gasoline (1 gallon) costs around 1.54 £
  • The basic energy bill costs around 188.13 £
  • One way ticket for local transport costs around 3.00 £
  • Monthly regular transport pass costs around 76.09 £

Cost of Daily Living items in Manchester

The cost of living in Manchester is relatively high when compared to other UK cities, but there are still ways to live cheaply if you are mindful about your spending. Utilities are one of the biggest expenses for residents, so it is important to compare shops for the best deals on gas and electricity. Apart from it, rent is also relatively higher.

For example, many residents choose to live in shared accommodations or houseboats instead of renting a traditional apartment or house. And while food and transportation costs can add up, there are a number of ways to cut down on expenses in these areas as well.

By being mindful of your spending and comparison shopping, you can still live fairly cheaply in Manchester. Here are the estimated prices of some of the everyday items in Manchester, UK:

  • A Cappuccino costs around 76.09 £
  • A bottle of regular milk (1 gallon) costs around 1.05 £
  • A bottle of water (1.5 liters) costs around 1.20 £
  • A loaf of fresh white bread (500 gm) costs 1.21 £
  • Domestic beer (0.5 liter bottle) costs 2.10 £
  • Rice (white) 1kg costs 1.64 £
  • Apples (1 kg) cost around 2.08 £
  • Chicken fillets cost 6.20 £
  • Bananas (1kg) cost around 1.38 £
  • 1 min. Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local (No Discounts or Plans) cost 0.10 £
  • Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult, cost 26.75 £

If you plan ahead and stick to your budget, you can easily take advantage of everything this dynamic city has to offer.

Final Words

The cost of living in Manchester is on the rise currently, but it is still more affordable than other major cities in the UK. If you are looking for a city with a strong economy and plenty of job opportunities, Manchester should be at the top of your list.

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