Belt VS. Chain Garage Door: A Detailed Guide About Belt VS. Chain Garage Door

belt vs. chain garage door

Bringing your home together requires you to replace your garage door. Perhaps you’re updating the house before you put it on the market, or you’re matching your new windows. While making lots of choices, there is one decision you didn’t expect: Which drive to use, chain or belt? Get complete information on belt vs. chain garage door openers by reading on.

Chain garage door Openers

Chain garage door openers are one of the most popular types of garage door openers on the market. They are affordable, reliable, and easy to install, making them a popular choice for homeowners. Chain garage door openers work by using a chain to pull the door up and down along a track. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of chain garage door openers:


  • Affordability: Chain garage door openers are one of the most affordable options on the market, making them a great choice for homeowners on a budget.
  • Durability: Chain garage door openers are durable and can withstand heavy use.
  • Easy to Install: Chain garage door openers are relatively easy to install, and most homeowners can install them with little know-how.


  • Noise: Chain garage door openers can be quite loud when in operation, which can be a problem for homeowners with bedrooms or living spaces adjacent to the garage.
  • Maintenance: Chain garage door openers require regular maintenance to keep the chain lubricated and functioning properly.
  • Vibration: The chain in a chain garage door opener can cause vibrations that may be felt throughout the house, which can be a problem for some homeowners.

Chain garage door openers are an affordable and reliable option for homeowners looking to automate their garage doors.

Chain drive openers used to be the only garage door openers available in the market back in the day, which is why they are still so popular today, especially in older homes. Garage door tracks are made up of (you guessed it!) long, metal chains.

Belt garage door Openers

In terms of quality, pricing, and durability, belt drive garage door openers are similar to chain openers since they were invented and popularized later. The price is slightly higher than with chain openers, but they’re much quieter and smoother, so they’re worth it.

How do chain and belt drives work?

Chain drive garage door openers open the garage door using a metal chain. These are popular due to their affordability and availability. The gears and metal parts of the opener move together to lift and lower the garage door.

The garage door is raised and lowered by tension springs attached to a chain assembly. A belt drive garage opener uses a rubber belt to open a garage door. Like a chain drive, the belt drive also moves a rubber belt. A rubber belt is used when the door is triggered to open or shut so that the trolley can slide back and forth.

Belt vs. chain garage door openers: Price

A good chain drive garage opener will not disappoint you when it comes to affordability. Chain drive openers have been proven to be reliable for decades. Garage doors are often equipped with chain drives since they are readily available on the market.

On the other hand, belt drives are more expensive, but they are more cost-effective in the long run. Belt drives have a long shelf life because the rubber belt is moved up and down by a trolley. Because metal wears down faster when metal meets metal, chain drives do not last long.


These two styles function the same way, as previously mentioned. The chain drive is stronger than the belt drive: it has a higher lifting capacity. They are, therefore, the best option if you want to move heavier doors, so keep this in mind when you choose a steel carriage. Nevertheless, you won’t have to worry about this if your door is lightweight.

Choose a chain drive if your garage door opens onto two cars. A chain drive is powerful enough to lift a three- or four-car garage with no problem. On the other hand, a belt drive will have a difficult time lifting heavy wood garage doors, two- or three-car garage doors, and anything heavier than the recommended weight.

You can get a belt drive garage door for a one-car garage if you have one. It is still possible to find a belt drive capable of operating on any door, as belt drives have made significant strides in construction. Nevertheless, you will have to spend a lot more money to get one.


Have you ever made it all the way home, your baby finally asleep, only to have your garage door open in the middle of the night? People prefer belt drive garage door openers because they’re the quietest. In this case, you would miss the sound alerting you when teen drivers arrive and depart. Additionally, if your garage is detached, you might be able to tolerate more noise from the door since it’s not adjacent to your main property.

Chain drive doors are generally quieter than belt drive doors. As a result, chain drive openers are not recommended when you have an attached garage with a bedroom above. Your kids and your neighbor’s right across the street will be woken up by the noise caused by metal-on-metal friction. Rather than using an assembly metal line, you want to use a rubber belt that pulls a trolley.


There is a slight speed difference between the belt and other drives. The convenience is excellent but won’t make much of a difference in your day-to-day life. Similar to chain drives, readjustment of the chain is sometimes necessary, but this only happens once or twice in a lifetime.

Belt vs. Chain: Power

Earlier in this article, we have mentioned that chain drive garage door openers can handle garage doors that accommodate two or three cars, something that cannot be said for belt drive openers. If you have more than one car, chain drive openers are your only option and do not have separate garages for them.


There are a lot of variables in this category. One advantage of belt drive openers is their low maintenance requirements and that they generally work fine over their lifetime. The lifespan, however, is not as long as a chain-driven opener, which is much more likely to rust and receive other kinds of damage.

What would it cost to install a garage door opener?

When it comes to installing your garage door opener, you’ll still most likely need a professional’s help, regardless of which type you choose. In general, the installation cost ranges from $100 to $200, depending on the company you choose, as well as the state of your garage door before the opener is installed.

Final Thoughts

Knowing the differences between chain drive and belt drive garage door openers, you can make an informed, educated decision regarding which to choose for your home. Each option has advantages and disadvantages. The truth is that your reasoning should be based on the size and weather conditions of your garage and the location of your garage, as it might be that one or the other opener is incompatible. As soon as you understand each type of opener’s strength, durability, and noise, you can analyze all of its intricacies.