Who Is Silento? Silento Net Worth, Childhood, Professional Career And Everything You Need To Know



Silento’s full name is Ricky Lamar Hawk, born in Atlanta, Georgia, US, on January 22, 1998. Silento’s popularity can be attributed to his impressive performances throughout his career. Silento is one of Georgia’s most famous people. There is a song he wrote called “Watch Me Whip/Nae Nae” that is probably the most famous of all.

 Atlanta was his hometown as a child. This guide is all about Silento net worth, his childhood, career, and all other necessary facts.

Childhood of Silento

Silento, the artist, was born on January 22, 1998, as Ricky Lamar Hawk. The three women who raised him in Atlanta were his grandmother, aunt, and mother. Silento is the name he chose as a young boy from Georgia because he is more concerned with actions than words. It’s easier for him to give his best on stage if he speaks less.

Ricky’s aunt was a pharmacist and wanted him to become one too. In spite of all that, he always dreamed of becoming a musician. Ricky developed a passion for music when he was in 8th grade. There is something fabulous about the rapper. He is young and talented. His girlfriend is rumored to have met him when he was five. Despite this, there are no official reports of his dating anyone.

Age and physical appearance

He was born on January 22, 1998, so he is 24 years old as of 2022, and he stands at 1.68 meters tall and weighs 61 kilograms.

Professional career

The first step in Silento’s professional career was when he was 16. The career of this young man began at a very early age. Because of his extensive study of music, he came to the United States with a good understanding of music.

His debut single, ‘Watch Me Nae Nae,’ was released on a YouTube channel in 2015. He became a varied rapper within a short period of time. This video has been viewed more than 2.5 million times.

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There is a great singer in Silento who is a professional. In just 16 years, he has become a star with many achievements; Silento has made his mark on the world. As a result of his professional career, he gained a lot of fame and accomplishments.

How long ago did Silento achieve fame?

Hawk gained notoriety in 2015 after his debut song, “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae),” went viral and inspired a fad for dancing. He has kept on putting out songs under the name Silento, although he hasn’t had another big hit yet.

Silento net worth

The estimated value of his net worth in 2022 is $1.5 million. To earn all these earnings, he has sold iTunes downloads. His music career generated income for him. There are many revenue streams generated by Silento around the world.

Young artists are popular in many countries around the world. The debut song Silento released, ‘Watch Me,’ helped him achieve great success.

On social media, the young rapper has a huge following. There is no official news about him dating anyone, but he has a huge fan following among women. In Stone Mountain, Silento lives with her aunt. There is a close bond between them.

After his debut single’s release, Silento succeeded as an artist. He is rolling in front of the whole world. It was always crucial to Silento to be looked up to by others.

It has been a pleasure for him to fulfill his dream of becoming a rapper because there are a lot of aspiring rappers who he inspires!

The love life of Silento

At present, Silento is thought to be single. His relationship with an unknown woman in 2020 led to his arrest on August 28, 2020, for allegedly inflicting corporal injury on a spouse or cohabitant.

After breaking down in some stranger’s house the next day in search of his girlfriend, he was arrested again. In Los Angeles, he was arrested by the police for his action due to the repercussions of the act.

As a result of his charges related to the murder of Frederick Rooks, Silento was arrested again on February 1, 2021. Police have gathered security camera footage from several neighboring homes that implicates Silento as the prime suspect.

A grand jury has charged Silento with four counts as of August 3. Since February, he has been jailed without bond for one count of murder charged against him.

Legal Issues

It has been reported that Silento has been arrested numerous times. During one week in August 2020 in California, he was arrested twice, first for gun charges, then for domestic violence. During a traffic stop on I-85 in Atlanta in October 2020, he was arrested for driving 140 mph.

Silento, real name Ricky Lamar Hawk, was arrested in February 2021 for his cousin’s murder after saying, “If there are ten cars following me, I can do 143 because I am not a normal person.” On his computer, Silento told officers, “If there are ten cars following me, I will do 143.”

Final thoughts

It is estimated that Silento has a net worth of approximately $1.5 million. A multi-talented artist from America, Silento is one of the best around today. In addition to singing, writing, and rapping, he is also a musician. His career began with a song he released on YouTube that he later developed into a versatile musician. It was not long before the singer became famous after releasing the song. He was signed to Capitol Records because of this.

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