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Megan Boone Net Worth

Megan Boone

April 29, 1983, was Megan Boone’s birthday in Petoskey, Michigan. She was born in Indiana, but her parents moved to Florida shortly afterward. Their goal was to be close to her grandparents, so they moved to Florida. However, she mentioned her mother several times without disclosing anything about her father.

The girl’s mother is Jennifer Parr, the director of sales for a company. She has a grandfather who was an essential part of the creation of The Village, as he was the developer. When Boone visited New York with her grandparents at the age of seven, she saw a Broadway play that interested her in the entertainment industry. You will learn about Megan Boone Net Worth, age, height, education, career, and more in this article.

Age of Megan Boone

Have you ever been curious about Megan Boone’s era? The birthday and place of her birth, among other related facts, can be found here if you do not know them. April 29, 1983, is the date of her birth. She is currently 38 years old. In the United States, Petoskey, Michigan, is where she was born.

Height of Megan Boone

Fans take note of the physical condition of their favorite celebrities very seriously. The beauty of their physical stats has always been their height, weight, and eye color. Everybody knows this. She stands almost 1.57 meters tall. She weighs approximately 55 kilograms.


She studied at Belleview High School, where she graduated in 2001, was acting. She graduated from Florida State University’s School of Theatre in 2005 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in acting. As a student at the Asolo Repertory Theatre, she studied with Jane Alexander and Edwin Sherin and worked with playwright Mark Medoff.

Despite expressing an interest in quitting early in her career, Boone credits Alexander for inspiring her to continue acting. During the fall of 2017, Boone began studying for an MBA in Sustainability at Bard College.

Political views, ethnicity, and religion

Megan Boone’s ethnicity is classified as Caucasian by IMDb’s and Wikipedia. In 2007, Boone starred in the Los Angeles premiere of the play Lemonade Tous Les Jours by Charles L. Mee, winning two LA Weekly Theater Awards for the role.

Her role as Junior Deputy District Attorney Lauren Stanton in the short-lived NBC series Law & Order: LA marked her year in television. She directed her first independent film, Eggshells for Soil, shot in her hometown, The Villages, Florida. As well as Step Up Revolution (2012), her involvement in the Step Up series includes Step Up Revolution (2012).

Career of Megan Boone

The short film “Elijah” in 2001 marked Boone’s debut as an actor. Boone portrayed Abigail in the short film. The following year, she won two LA Weekly Theater Awards for her performances following the Los Angeles premiere of the Charles L. Mee play Limonade Tous Les Jours.

The following year, 2008, she appeared in the television series ‘The Cleaner’ in its ‘Five Little Words’ episode, and again in ‘Cold Case’ playing the role of Helen McCormick in ‘Wings.’ An American police procedural television series based on the Philadelphia Police Department’s cold case investigation division.

Previously, Boone starred in the horror film My Bloody Valentine 3D in 2009. He then played a supporting role in Sex and the City 2, a romantic comedy film from 2010. In 2010, she starred in several television series, including the short-lived NBC series Law & Order: LA, created and produced by Dick Wolf.

Her directorial debut came the same year with the independent film ‘Eggshells for Soil,’ partly filmed in her hometown, The Villages, Florida. Stephen Elliott directed Megan in the drama ‘About Cherry Jake,’ an Elizabethan period piece from 2012. Lorelei Lee’s performance won her the Best Actress award at the Gen Art Film Festival for a script written by Elliott and Lorelei Lee. Boone appeared in two episodes of the CBS crime drama series ‘Blue Bloods’ in 2013, about police procedurals in America. Megan appeared in two episodes of Robot Chicken in 2014, an American stop-motion sketch comedy series conceived and produced by Seth Green and Matthew Senreich. In addition, ‘Robot Chicken’ won four Annie Awards and five Emmy Awards.

Some interesting facts about Megan Boone’s life

Megan Boone is a talented actress known for her roles in various television shows and movies. Here are some interesting facts about her life:

Megan Boone was born on April 29, 1983, in Petoskey, Michigan, and grew up in The Villages, Florida.

She attended the Asolo Repertory Theatre and the Florida State University School of Theatre before moving to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career.

Boone is best known for her role as Elizabeth Keen on the hit television show, The Blacklist, which premiered in 2013 and has aired for eight seasons.

In 2017, she starred in the film The Sinner alongside Jessica Biel, which was well-received by audiences and critics.

Boone is also known for her activism, and has spoken out on issues such as gun control and women’s rights.

She has a daughter named Caroline with her partner, artist Dan Estabrook, whom she has been with since 2016.

Boone is a fan of yoga and meditation, and has spoken about the positive impact it has had on her life.

In her free time, she enjoys cooking and baking, and has shared her recipes on social media.

Boone is active on social media, with a large following on Instagram where she often shares behind-the-scenes glimpses into her life and work.

Does Megan Boone have a boyfriend?

Based on our records, Megan Boone may be single and hasn’t been engaged. Megan Boone’s relationship status is single as of December 2021.

Megan Boone’s Net Worth

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Boone has an estimated net worth of $3 million. Her strong family background and her career in TV and movies have helped her achieve financial stability.

Nominations and awards

His role in The Makeover of Our Lives won him two LA Weekly Heater Awards. Moreover, she won the Best Actress award at the GENT FILMS FESTIVAL for her role in The Independent Drama Leave’s “Thank You for Being You.” Hеr role in the movie made her very famous, and she received many compliments for her costume.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Megan Boone, is she married?

No, but she is engaged.

  • What is Megan Boone’s profession?

Her profession is Actress.

  • On what day was Megan Boone born?

Megan Boone was born on April 29, 1983.

  • How old is Megan Boone?

It is estimated that Megan Boone is 38 years old.

  • What is Megan Boone’s net worth?

She has a net worth of $4 million.

  • Who are Megan Boone’s parents?

Megan Boone was born on April 29, 1983. She was 35 years old when she was born. Jennifer Parr is the mother of Boone, whose father is Marcus Whitney Boone. Additionally, she has a sister named Paige Boone and Tom Boone’s brother.