How Old is Too Old for a Baby to Get Newborn Photos


When you begin looking into a newborn photography shoot, one of the most important things you will learn is the best time to do it.

This window is for most photographers within 14 days of your baby’s birth. Others may only have a 10-day window.

If you, like many families, have only begun looking for a photographer after your baby’s arrival, you might find it difficult to book a shoot until your baby turns 14 days old.

Why Is the Two-Week Window Preferred for Newborn Photography?

A baby’s first two weeks of existence are usually very peaceful and sleepy. They are also flexible and love to curl up in the same fetal position they were in the womb.

They are usually calm and relaxed during their newborn session and can be photographed in many different poses.

Babies tend to grow larger and uncurl after two weeks. These changes can lead to a baby not being able to manage all the poses and spending longer periods awake during sessions.

Are Two Weeks Too Late for Newborn Photos?

It is possible to still create beautiful photographs of babies older than 14 days. I also photograph babies as young as two or three weeks.

Sometimes, this is because babies or moms need more time to heal after giving birth.

I have found that it is possible to still complete a full newborn session between weeks 2 and 3.

What Is the Difference Between a Photo Shoot With a Baby Aged Over Two Weeks?

Every baby is unique, so every day with a newborn can be different. You may notice some differences after 14 days.

A full shoot can usually be completed with babies between 2 and 3 weeks of age. However, this is because babies are more alert and stay awake longer.

Some babies might not feel comfortable in certain newborn photography poses. If this happens, I will discuss it with the parents and suggest alternative photos. This post was written by a photographer at Christina Louise Photo. Christina is a Florida-based photographer capturing the intimate moments of maternity, motherhood, and childhood. As visual storytellers, we turn your most intimate moments into lasting memories. Click here to learn more about scheduling a photo shoot!