Duncan Trussell (Wiki): Duncan Trussell’s Net Worth, Early Life, Family, Career And More

duncan trussell net worth

Duncan Trussell

Duncan Trussell is a professional Canadian actor. He is also known for his comedy, and he also had good skill in providing a voice for different roles. Trussell got fame from different acting roles in different casts, but his role in The Ducan Trussell Family Hour is well appreciated and admired by his fans. Trussell’s participation in Joe Rogan Question Everything and The Joy Rogan Experience is also got a lot of fame.

In this article, we will discuss Duncan Trussell in detail. After reading this article, you will know about the age, Height, and net worth of Trussell in 2022. You will also know about biography-wiki, career, professional and personal life, and much more about your favorite comedian hero.

Early life

Trussel is an American native who was born in the year 1974. He celebrates his birthday on April 20 every year. In their entire life, Trussell lived as an ordinary man. Not only did he have Testicular cancer in 2012, but he also successfully received treatment as a result. As a result of this experience, his career and life were profoundly changed. He departed from his original path and experienced a schism from his destiny.

Age, Height, and weight of Trussel

As you read earlier, Trussel was born on April 20, 1974. As of 2022, his age is forty-seven years. He also got a good height of 1.68 meters compared to his Height. He also has a healthy weight of 82 kilograms.

Career of Duncan Trussell

Fuel TV

In the early stage of his, career Trussell chooses the acting field as his profession. The audience in the comedy series much likes Trussel’s performance as a comedian. Due to his outstanding comedy, he got more and more roles as a comedian on the screen. Trussell also worked with Fuel TV. On this television channel, he performs different programs. Some famous programs of Trussell on Fuel TV are:

  • Showtime’s La La Land
  • Stupid face
  • Pretend Time.


After successful work with Fuel TV, Trussell has got offers from the industry. He also worked with the big Entertainment industry HBO in all these offers. With HBO, he performs in comedy series named, Funny or Die Presents. In this HBO series, he got continuous roles, which gives him a lot of fame from that comedy series.

Standup comedy

When HBO’s series finished, Trussell started a new career as a standup comedian. As a standup comedian, he performs for the public and his role as a cast. He decided to start his standup comedy profession by performing in the Just for Laughs Festival held in Montreal. His second performance as a standup comedian was at Moon tower Comedy Festival in Austin.


His career is gradually built-up. After these two festivals, he is again seen on the television screen. He again starts acting in tv series Curb Your Enthusiasm. This series is telecast on the famous television channel MADtv. On the same tv channel, Trussell hosted a tv show named Thunder brain. In this show, he discusses different experiments done by others on a scientific basis.

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Cartoon Network

Trussell also works with Cartoon Network. His work with Cartoon Network included a series of adventure time cartoon shows. Along with performing on Cartoon Network, he also started performing in a famous Funny or Die web series named Drunk History. The title of this web series is Tesla and Edison. This series is proved to be very good for his career as an entertainer. After the success of this series, his demand within the industry is increased. More peoples want to see him on the television screen. He also got a lot of projects on screen due to Tesla and Edison tv series. In these offers, “This Is Not Happening” is one of the notable projects by Trussell.

In his professional career, he works as a co-host with celebrity and host Natasha, In a show named ‘The Lavender Hour.’ After taking experience from different work currently, he starts producing his show “The Duncan Trussell Family Hour.” In this show, he interviews different celebrities. Due to this show, he got a chance to meet the different stars of the industry.

Accomplishment of Duncan Trussell

Due to his outstanding performance in the industry, Trussel’s work is well appreciated through numerous awards and achievements. His hard-working and creativity as a comedian lean him towards the best comedian actor award. It is admired that top television and web series channel gives him lead roles in multiple series. The Duncan Trussell Family show heightened his success to the following levels. He got more popular among the audience due to DTFH. In this show, he interviewed the following celebrities:

  • Rick Doblin
  • Natasha
  • Bert Kreischer
  • Lou Barlow
  • Tim Ferriss
  • Dan Harmon. 

He had completed 250 episodes of DTFH in the year 2017.

Net worth of Duncan Trussell

Canadian comedian, scriptwriter, actor, host Duncan Trussell has a total net worth of One and half million US dollars as of January 2022. This net worth results from his outstanding and hard work in the industry. A chunk of his worth comes from his acting in television advertisements.

Final words

Duncan Trussell is a well-known comedian. He is also known for hosting different shows and standup comedies. Whenever he performs, people love it very much. Most of his series is comedy series that brings a massive smile to the public’s faces. His current project, The Duncan Trussell Family show, made him more popular.


  • Is Duncan Trussell a rich man?

Getting into comedy for Duncan Trussell was a journey. He was a funny and clever lad from North Carolina who moved to Los Angeles to “throw on raves and acid” with some inheritance money. Needing work, he thought the Comedy Store on Sunset would be a great place for him to work.

  • Is Duncan Trussell suffering from cancer?

Testicular cancer was diagnosed in Trussell on December 14, 2012. Successful treatment was provided for cancer.

  • Duncan Trussell’s mother, who is she?

As he and his mother watch the teddy bear experiments, Trussell engages his mother, a psychologist named Deneen Fending, in a playful conversation about his birth, followed by a more existential discussion on the ego, identity, and being present before the episode’s major turn: the revelation.